Z Boranup

Immerse yourself in the region’s natural splendour on a scenic drive or walk trail through the giant karri forests, visiting lesser-known Margaret River attractions such as the beautiful Boranup Karri Forest.

Z beach scene

Snorkel, swim, stroll or just relax on some of Western Australia’s most stunning beaches, from Gnarabup Beach (just 500 metres away) to Hamelin Bay, Meelup Beach, Granny Pool or Contos Beach. Pick up a map from the Margaret River Visitor Centre for locations.


Drawing surfers from all around the world, as well as Perth, Margaret River’s surf breaks are ranked among some of the best on the planet. Bombie is just off Gnarabup Beach, 500 metres from The Break. Others include the famous Main Break at Surfer Point, Rivermouth, Boodjidup and The Box

Z Cave photo

Explore a magical underground world at Jewel, Mammoth, Lake or Ngilgi caves. Start your day at the interpretive centre, Caveworks.

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